Serifos, an island of strong contrasts with an active magnetic field created by its metalliferous rocks, it’s an ideal proposal for relaxed holidays in a clearly Cycladic environment or for intense nightlife, which captivates you at first sight.

Leeward coasts embraced by steep rocks, almost all of them enjoying thick natural shade from salt cedars growing in the sand, with crystal blue waters, golden beaches and villages with small white houses are some of the island’s features that will make your holidays unforgettable.

The whole island is a balcony to the Aegean Sea, with an outlook over Kithnos to the North, Siros to the Northeast, Paros to the East, Sifnos to the Southeast and Milos to the South. Dry stones, watered with the sweat of people for centuries, preserve some handfuls of soil for small vineyards or citrus fruits («the stripes») striving to flatten the steep rocky mountain sides that hide green, shadowy ravines among them.

The enchanting Chora is the capital town, a bunch of white houses built on an almost perpendicular rock, with windmills and stone paved pedestrian walkways, which classify it among one of the most beautiful capital towns of the Greek islands.

And do not forget to taste local appetizers such as fennel-fritters, sun-dried tomatoes, local sausages and pork jelly made in the pot, but be careful with the local delicatessen products (louzes, siglina and tsigarides) because you may end up forgetting anything else. As for food, you must taste the broad beans offered at festivals, chick-peas and local cheeses. The local wine is unique and rich in fruity aromas but it is very strong and you should be careful when consuming it in quantities. The consumption of the scented «souma» drink must be much more moderate.

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